Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've sort of, kind of managed to keep up my 1 activity a month for a year, but I'm a bit behind..

After I did the 10k run in April, I let May run away until I was stuck for something to I knitted a scarf! That's May sorted. Never will I have to pay for woolens again, that skill is in the bag - unless, of course, I want something that looks good and doesn't itch like a disease!

June: this was boxing, in theory. Just boxing training, a little bit of pad work. Well, I re-joined the gym, and it hurt, and one of the circuits I do involves hitting a punchbag, but it's not really boxing training. I've booked in to be trained twice, but something's come up both times. That's still ongoing.

My plan for July is to do some piece of creative writing, but I feel I'm drifting from the original objective, as this would not be something actually new to me..they're my rules, though, so I can change them, right?

Esperanto is still the best thing I started. I'm getting sucked deeper in all the time. I even started a version of this blog in Esperanto..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm suffering. I live in country with least predictable weather in the world. I find it grimly amusing that instead of preparing for everything, we're prepared for NOTHING. I'm dying slowly of sleep deprivation because of this fucking heat.

Uuuuurgh I can't be bothered with any long-winded set up. The point is, I'm building my own air conditioning. The ingredients: a fan, some rubber tubing, some copper tubing, two large plastic bottles and some very cold water. I'll let you know how it goes.

If anyone knows of a poorly-guarded walk-in fridge, let me know.