Sunday, January 31, 2010

Language guide

A belated happy new year! A new decade and still no hoverboard..

My computer(s) have been broken for a while, so I couldn't blog, but I replaced my netbook's trodden-on screen the other day, so my life can re-commence!

I have a theory, which has so far stood up to not-very-rigorous tests. It goes as follows: the only two things you need to learn to get by in any language are the words for "thank-you" and "cheers".

Here's my handy list:

  • Language Thank-you Cheers
  • Esperanto Dankon Je via sano!
  • French Merci Sante
  • Japanese Oregato Kampai
  • Welsh Diolch yn fawr Iechyd da
  • Klingon tlho' KaPLAA
  • Irish Go raibh maith agat Slainte
These are ones I've actually used (except Klingon!). Can anyone add to this list?


  1. I can add the one for German ... thanks is "Danke" and cheers is "Prost". :)

  2. Hi Rob

    Hi, I'm Nicola, showed you how to meditate the other week at the Cardiff Buddhist Centre.

    The Automatic are well cool, and I'm coming to see you with my pal Laura in Ponty on Friday. Is it all right if we come and say hiya?(Shuffles feet, looks down and feels shy)

    Hope you are well, take care of yourself, remember no dairy on show days. Keep on truckin'.

    all the best,

  3. Scots

    More like Glaswegian, really.

    Thanks: Thanks pal (to a man); Thanks doll (to a woman)

    Cheers: Here's tae us, wha's like us, guy few and they're a' deid

    Hoots mon!

  4. in swedish (really important, of course) :
    Tack - Skål

    by the way, in french, "santé" (don't forget the accent)